The Search for a Clever Title

This weeks’ readings focused on the utilization of audio and visual media in the process of the digital humanities, specifically looking at the Imageplot software. This program and its capabilities are quite interesting, particularly for those who focus on the study of media in general. The ability to quantitatively evaluate brightness, color saturation, and a host of other features can provide for varying degrees of analysis of film, art, photographs, and other visual media.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to my current projects. While I could conceivably conduct a visual analysis of my source base (much of which is derived from newspapers), my research is not a study of media as an entity, though it undoubtedly uses visual media as contextual evidence. It would be difficult, though not impossible, to add a component of visual analysis to what is largely an economic analysis of French trade and monetary policy.

This issue also applies to the second set of readings assigned for today, which focus on the usage of portable recording software for video and audio interviews. Given that my period of research focuses on the 1920s-1930s, potential candidates for oral interviews are fairly limited. Again, the potential for an oral history project exists, but that would be far beyond the scope of my current project.

As it stands, it seems useful to spend the remainder of this post discussing an important update to my project. In searching for a potential digital scraping tool to utilize the totality of Gallica’s Indochinese newspaper archives for textual analysis, I was reminded of an old friend who was recently admitted into the doctoral program in Computer Science at the University of Oregon. After a brief discussion, and the prospect of compensatory imbibing, he offered to write such a program. As it stands, this puts my project in an excellent position for the remainder of the semester, and I should be able to conduct the bulk of the analysis over the coming weeks.

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